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Established in 2019, Flywheel Advisory is passionate about providing financial crime risk management solutions to our clients across Africa, not only to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements but to also safeguard the very core of their enterprise from abuse by criminals.

We pride ourselves in attracting and retaining the best talent in Forensics, Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Control.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Criminals constantly seek channels through which to transmit proceeds of crime into the financial system. At Flywheel Advisory, we help our clients develop and implement robust AML Frameworks to combat propagation of money laundering crimes. 

Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT) & Sanctions

Terrorist financiers, sanctioned and designated parties have established sophisticated syndicates to fund terrorist activities as well as other human rights atrocities to the detriment of human life and global economies. Flywheel Advisory supports clients in bolstering existing internal control structures to prevent criminals from invading their systems to perpetrate these delinquencies.  

Forensic & Litigation Support 

At Flywheel Advisory, we support clients facing litigation and compliance investigations to ensure realization of fair outcomes by employing forensic accounting expertise to unravel complex financial transactions.