Counter-Fraud Technology Solutions
Did you know that organisations lose an estimated 5% of their revenue each year to fraud? Not all fraud can be prevented. Even in the most secure organizations, it is likely that some type of employee fraud will eventually occur. Consequently, quick detection of fraud is vital to protecting an organization from potential losses.

Flywheel Advisory appreciates the fact that effective mitigation of fraud risk is best achieved through technology. To this end, Flywheel Advisory has partnered with providers of these technology solutions for organisations to automate and effectively manage fraud and financial crime risks. Flywheel Advisory will, through effective business assessment, provide your organization with recommended tools that will not only detect fraud, but also apply preventive measures that deter criminals.  

Anti-Fraud Services  
Organizations grapple with how to continuously secure their enterprise from internal and external threats. Internally, fraud may be executed single-handedly or through collusion by fellow employees whilst externally, fraud is perpetrated mainly through constantly evolving digital channels. Effective management of fraud risk involves a robust risk management framework which not only secures the organization’s interests but is also dynamic enough to respond to internal and external threats. 

At Flywheel Advisory we effectively support organizations through a fraud crisis, with prompt deployment of tailored solutions, because every minute counts in times of crises. Our fraud investigations are supported by technology and data analysis tools for in-depth interrogation of data sets. We execute this by deploying our forensic accounting expertise to unravel complex webs of fraudulent activities.

We go a step further by issuing recommendations on how to bolster the organization’s control framework to prevent future crystallization of emerging fraud risks.

Whistle Blowing Services

At Flywheel Advisory we understand the impact of unethical conduct on an organisations profitability and posterity. Industry experience has shown us that the greater majority of detected fraud cases are though tip-offs. Maintaining a hotline or reporting mechanism speeds up fraud detection and reduces losses. Fraud awareness training further improves cultivation of tip offs through reporting mechanisms.

Through a dynamic and agile approach, Flywheel Advisory provides a confidential whistleblowing hotline service that fosters ethical and accountable behavior within an organization, whilst promptly alerting on reported concerns that require urgent attention and investigation.

A whistle blowing helpline service will only be as effective as the policy framework backing it up. At Flywheel Advisory we support our clients in building robust whistle blower policy frameworks. We walk the journey of drafting, implementing and thereafter training staff on the whistle blower policy for optimal application and utilization of the tool.