In the wake of corporate scandals, a global pandemic and uncertain economic and social recovery, all eyes are firmly fixed on the Board and senior management. The way that the Board’s think, operate and collaborate is changing. Beyond Board regulation and compliance, Board members must be able to detect new and emerging risks and opportunities like never before.

Sound corporate governance is essentially about effective, responsible leadership characterized by the ethical values of responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency. 
Flywheel Advisory will offer support and provide expertise to enhance effective governance and oversight of your organization’s risk management strategy. We pride ourselves in our agility to respond to emerging regulatory requirements and provide the requisite support to our clients’ leadership teams who ensure their businesses are continuously aligned on strategy, governance and execution.

Our offering in corporate governance includes;

  • Capacity Building and Training. 
  • Independent advisory services to Board Audit, Risk & Compliance committees. 

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

In an ever so complex and volatile business environment, effective risk management now takes center stage in business stability and continuity. 
Flywheel Advisory risk management solutions bring a holistic approach to enterprise wide risk management frameworks and provide an integrated view of the risks organizations face. 

We assist clients to define and implement their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) frameworks through;

  • Evidence based policy response.
  • Setting up 2nd line of defense risk functions.
  • Capacity building and training. 
  • Driving a risk aware culture. 
  • Instituting measures to monitor and report key risks. 
  • Definition of the Risk Appetite Statement coupled with the attendant compliance processes. 

For companies that are on a rapid growth path, we would:

  • Steer benchmarking of the existing ERM framework programs, processes, structures, systems and reporting mechanisms with those of their peers. 
  • Assist in addressing the gaps identified and advisinge on the way forward.

Information Technology is a vital element of risk management and acts as an enabler to its effectiveness. The ability to quickly integrate risk information in a consistent format across the organization helps institutions to gain a comprehensive picture of their overall risk profile, support effective regulatory compliance, increased stress testing and enhanced risk reporting capabilities. 

Flywheel Advisory has partnered with world-class automation and technology solution providers to advise and deliver tools for continuous prevention, detection, monitoring and reporting of risks.  

Regulatory Compliance 

Regulatory environments are constantly evolving and organizations must adapt to the changing requirements whilst balancing risk management and operational efficiency. 

Our subject matter experts have adopted an agile regulatory monitoring approach to deliver regulatory compliance advisory services through a structured process for compliance management. In this offering we help you 

  • Understand the implications and requirements of new and changing regulations.
  • Address legal and regulatory compliance requirements pertinent to business activities.
  • Design and implement a compliance management process for effective oversight, with operational efficiencies (Cost vs benefit).
  • Conduct risk assessments and advise on adequate risk based approach mechanisms to support compliance.
  • Perform gap analysis to assess current state of regulatory reporting and implement revised reporting procedures and processes as appropriate.
  • Develop and administer compliance training programs.