At Flywheel Advisory, we are passionate about providing financial crime risk management solutions to our clients, not only to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements but to also safeguard the very core of their enterprises.

Criminals constantly seek channels through which to transmit proceeds of crime and fund terrorist activities using the global financial system. Flywheel Advisory supports organisations in bolstering existing internal controls, including training to prevent criminals from invading their systems to perpetrate financial crime.

Managed Compliance Services
A major challenge in managing financial crime compliance is balancing risk management with operational efficiency through innovation. Flywheel Advisory Managed Compliance Services provides regulatory compliance advisory, seasoned financial crime experts and technology solutions that enable organizations to meet regulatory requirements and control costs.

AML/CFT Technology Solutions
Flywheel Advisory appreciates the fact that mitigation of money laundering and terrorism financing risk is best achieved through technology. To this end, Flywheel Advisory has partnered with providers of technology solutions for organizations to automate and effectively manage financial crime risks. Flywheel Advisory provides effective business assessment and recommends tools that help clients comply with regulatory requirements, detect and investigate unusual activity, and more importantly, deter criminals from permeating the clients’ systems.

Never has the need to equip staff with the tools and knowledge to identify compliance breaches been as important as it is now. We have developed training programs covering Anti-Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, Sanctions Screening, Suspicious Activity Monitoring and Reporting, Transaction Monitoring Rules, Bribery and Corruption risk and Know Your Customer checks. The training is delivered in-person, via live video classrooms, as pre-recorded eLearning modules or as requested by our clients.